Seaward Engineering & Research Ltd.

“Providing Project Management and Consulting Engineering services worldwide.”



SER provides a full suite of engineering services for clients in several industrial sectors including ports and marine, pulp and paper and mining.

Services include:

  • Project Management
  • Plant Layout and Design
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Installation and Start-Up Supervision
  • Maintenance Planning and PM Program Development
  • Process Audits and Debottlenecking
  • Mechanical Systems Design
  • 3D Modeling of Complex Mechanical Systems
  • Prototyping and Product Development
  • Green Energy Systems

SER provides a full suite of marine services. Field work is performed by our personnel aboard our research vessels, data is analyzed and processed and the client is provided with data products presented in any format required up to and including sealed engineering reports.

Services include:

  • Hydrogeomatic Surveys
    • Multibeam
    • Side Scan
    • Single Beam
    • Magnetometer
    • Sub Bottom Profiling
    • DGPS/GPS Precision Navigation
    • CTD Profiling
    • USBL Subsea Positioning
  • Video Surveys
    • Drop Camera
    • ROV
    • Sediment Plan and Profile Imaging
    • Data Interpretation and Reporting
  • Environmental Surveys
    • Water Quality Sampling
    • Sediment Effects Sampling
    • Coring Programs
    • Benthic Data Collection and Processing
    • Acoustic Classification and Analysis
    • Environmental Monitoring Systems Development
  • Marine Inspections
    • Dock Facility Assessments
    • Pipeline/Outfall Assessments
    • Anchoring System Assessment
  • Ocean/Marine Engineering
    • Oceanographic Monitoring
    • Mooring System Design and Development
    • Anchoring System Design and Installation